“It is like XR fast learning on steroids, with a touch of natural flavor”

“This is an amazing fast track to catch up with industry leaders and future colleagues. 5 days, … and you’re pretty much on the same page!”

“I learnt so much, the conferences were great, with amazing speakers. The mood of the lab was creative, and it was truly a safe space.”

“The European Creator’s Lab was such an amazing opportunity for me to participate and meet so many talented VR creators from around the world. I am sure you are aware of this, but I must say that the organization of the lab was perfect and admirable (…). There were a lot of very helpful, interesting, and entertaining lectures. I also have to give a huge shout-out to the talks I enjoyed most (…)!”

“Thank you so much for all your amazing work, organization and wonderful presence. The lab was intense, (…) but I met authentic persons, from Europe, and it made me feel I could collaborate with them, stay in touch, and learn from them. The mentors were full of inspiration. I learned, I laughed, I created, I discovered new worlds and people! It was great!”


“I've been to many XR labs, but EUCL is by far the best in providing you with some of the top mentors from the world, a wide range of classes depending on which area of expertise you'd like to polish and a warm, fun environment with fellow XR makers where you be fully immersed in XR for a whole week. EUCL is the XR retreat you've been longing for and one that you'd like to visit over and over.”

"Speaking as a producer coming from the West Coast of North America, I found the lab to be doubly-thought provoking: creatively and culturally. That extra layer of "newness" made me feel even more open to new ideas and creative processes... and helped break my usual fixation on the day-to-day business of running my studio."

“What I really enjoyed about the Lab Experience is that it focused on what’s beyond storytelling. As an artist, I enjoy everything that’s abstract. My artistic brain works better when I understand the technology and can put thoughts to practice. And this lab really inspired me to create art in VR/XR”

"EUCL's Lab are great opportunities for those who wish to learn and gain insight from professionals working actively in the field in order to learn more about how to think and work with XR technologies for artistic purposes." The organizers really invited the trend setters of the industry.”

“Being aside so many creatives and being given the challenge to practice creating immersive experiences was greatly inspiring. It was a week after which I couldn't wait to get back home and apply all the new information I got into my own projects.”

“The EUCL is what a real lab should be: a space for hands-on learning, non-restricted dreaming and creating, exploring and playing. I left with a head full of ideas, some of them feasible, some of them not (yet).”

“EUCL lit a spark that I still feel burning brightly. I feel less intimidated by this niche, new world and excited to continue to build relationships with folks I met while in Munich. Thank you!”

“An inspiring place with a very supportive community. Noone is afraid of sharing here. This is where the ideas are formed, teams come together and the future of the XR industry is formed!”

“We are at the burst of an amazing industry, and participating at EUCL Development Lab has ignited in me more than ever the commitment to be an active part of it.”

“The best lab you can attend to get up to speed with the industry experts!”

“In five days, I went from zero to prototyping a VR escape game transporting the viewer from the ocean into a whale's belly and ending in a bizarre universe. And nobody questioned it. The European Creators Lab was a safe place where I could experiment, have fun failing and play with ideas for the sake of learning with like-minded people from around the world.”

“It was a very polished teaching method - refined and structured and very free to encourage creativity but also incredibly supportive to make sure that each team does finish projects on time - it was very subtle the way support was provided but highly effective. This is what was great, a subtle support to achieve a finished prototype with gentle direction.”

“The prototyping lab has been a real challenge and it has been great to meet so many like-minded people from all over the world willing to create something out of the blue. I didn't expect to see some real great results after such a short amount of time. Thank you for this opportunity!”

“The prototyping lab provided a rich space for collaboration, ideation and the creation of some wild, crazy and wonderful ideas! I cannot wait to participate in another EUCL event.”

“I found the prototyping lab to be a chaotic experience - but the good kind of chaotic: creative chaos ruled a small world of play dough, legos, and VR headsets for a week.”

“Participating in the EUCL prototyping Lab gave me the courage to create and soon publish my own AR Books”

“An A++ experience–XR community building, a well-targeted project boost and a delight!”

“The best way to start your creative XR journey.”

“Sometimes the EUCL will put you in front of your creative heroes. Face to face, screen to screen. And you will learn about their humanity, their struggles and accomplishments. In the end, you might even become connections. Being part of the Lab's community is like entering a portal to creative nests. It is all we need in the Age of Deep Collaboration.”

“This Lab was an amazing opportunity to meet and collaborate with other creatives in the XR field throughout Europe. It was such a positive space to develop ideas, innovate and learn new concepts.”

“The lab has given me more insight into how to best approach a script and story for VR. It has helped me a lot in my current project. In the future I will definitely follow another lab from EUCL.”

"At the Lab I learned crafting the stories that have been bobbling in my head for years."